Your package's translations have errors

You can check if a PO file is valid with the following command:

        msgfmt -c -o /dev/null <po file>
The following errors were found in printrun 's PO files:
gettext: locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/plater.po:61: end-of-line within string
msgfmt: found 1 fatal error
Please ask the translator (identified by the Last-Translator field in the PO file), the language team (identified by the Language-Team field) or debian-i18n for a fix.

Translation status of package printrun

de24.1448692152917% translated (120/497), 19.3158953722334% fuzzy (96/497), 56.5392354124749% untranslated (281/497),
fr87.1227364185111% translated (433/497), 4.82897384305835% fuzzy (24/497), 8.04828973843058% untranslated (40/497),
it24.1448692152917% translated (120/497), 19.3158953722334% fuzzy (96/497), 56.5392354124749% untranslated (281/497),
nl16.7364016736402% translated (80/478), 16.3179916317992% fuzzy (78/478), 66.9456066945607% untranslated (320/478),

Generated on Sat, 19 Oct 2019 05:32:54 +0000 (db: 2019-10-18)

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