Your package's translations have errors

You can check if a PO file is valid with the following command:

        msgfmt -c -o /dev/null <po file>
The following errors were found in pysolfc 's PO files:
gettext: po/it_games.po: can't guess language
gettext: po/it_pysol.po: can't guess language
gettext: po/pl_games.po: can't guess language
gettext: po/pl_pysol.po: can't guess language
gettext: po/ru_games.po: can't guess language
gettext: po/ru_pysol.po: can't guess language
Please ask the translator (identified by the Last-Translator field in the PO file), the language team (identified by the Language-Team field) or debian-i18n for a fix.

Translation status of package pysolfc

de99.851411589896% translated (2016/2019), 0% fuzzy (0/2019), 0.148588410104012% untranslated (3/2019),
it42.2509225092251% translated (916/2168), 0% fuzzy (0/2168), 57.7490774907749% untranslated (1252/2168),
pl53.9336061846294% translated (1186/2199), 1.22783083219645% fuzzy (27/2199), 44.8385629831742% untranslated (986/2199),
ru91.9508867667121% translated (2022/2199), 3.18326512050932% fuzzy (70/2199), 4.86584811277854% untranslated (107/2199),

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